Studio and Gallery space


We offer a selection of studio spaces suitable for artists with all mediums. In-house studios are located in the same building with residency rooms, the old vicarage. Rannan studios are locates at an old school house on an easy walking distance from the vicarage. The visiting artists can choose to have a private studio or to work at the shared studio.

Shared in-house studio
• Desks
• Scanner
• River view

Small in-house studio 1
• Desk and chair
• River view

Small in-house studio 2
• 2 desks
• Terrace
• River view

Rannan studios
• 4 big studio rooms
• 2 of the rooms can be opened to one large open space that is perfect for dancers or performance artists


Nahkurila Art house is located at the centre of Kärsämäki. It consists of two exhibition spaces: a traditional Finnish housing building and a cowshed, both converted into art galleries. The unusual gallery filled with natural light is a space that brings art work alive in a new way. The main building is well equipped for installations and media art.

Nahkurila art galleries are available for Air Frosterus residency artists free of charge. Media players, screens, a projector and sound systems are available for exhibiting media art.

Nahkurila Art House is reserved for the Ars Kärsämäki summer exhibition from June to mid August. Due to lack of heating the cowshed gallery space is not used during the winter months.