Kattilakoski culture cooperative is located in Kärsämäki and it is the thriving force behind the local cultural scene. The non-profit organization was established in 2012. It aims to promote local and national culture. The cooperative creates new international connections with the help of artist residence programs and European voluntary service projects. The cooperative collaborates with the local community, schools and artists.

Members of the cooperation are cultural associations with their own main focuses; Finland´s Life Story association arranges an annual Life Story Festival, a national story telling competition and provides critiques service for writers.  Art association Elsuupa is responsible for the annual Ars Kärsämäki, a recognized contemporary art summer exhibition. Shingle Church support association maintains the world known modern wooden church that was built at the beginning of this decade using methods from the 18th century. “Music in the Shingle Church” -association arranges a yearly three day classical music festival and invites musicians around the country to perform at the shingle church.

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