New artist has arrived to our residence

Even though May has taken its first steps in a chilly weather, the atmosphere in Old Vicarage is warm and full of excitement. This is because Kattilakoski Culture Cooperative has received a new guest for artist residence. Fresh winds are blowing to our commune from Great Britain: Our residence artist is a 24 years old, Lucy Crowder from Manchester. Lucy has studied textile art in Manchester School of Art and she has a BA in embroidery. Next autumn Lucy starts her master degree in Central Saint Martins in London. We, in Kärsämäki, have an honor to enjoy her company for the next two months.

Lucy uses different techniques in her work of art. She uses her skills in textile arts. For example, she sews a great number of her pieces of art by hand. In addition, she also draws a lot with pencil. The artist mentions that she is interested in small pieces that work together. It is an exciting moment when the pieces of art start to form a coherent entity.     

The artist also makes use of a camera for ideas and to help with sketching – In a coldness of the north it is sometimes too challenging to sketch “in situ”.  Lucy, in addition, photographs and documents her stay in residence including the surroundings of residence. She has her own blog, where she publishes her photos. Also her sponsor for the residence stay, Arts Council England, is following her blog. Lucy explains that she enjoys photographing with film camera and she often returns to her pictures after taking a little break so that the ideas have time to develop.

In Manchester, Lucy has worked in a group of three artists. They have executed great interactive sculptures. Lucy is going to continue the aspect of interactivity in her work in Kärsämäki, though in a different level; she is going to arrange some workshops. Lucy is also fascinated by sounds of surroundings and she has even recorded them. She has an idea of a sound walk, where people have a chance to deepen into the sounds of their surroundings.

Lucy´s stay in Old Vicarage is third time she is taking part to an international artist residence. She has visited earlier in Kilpisjärvi and her first experience of artist residence located in Greenland. She ended up there by a half accident. The staff in greenlandic artist residence was the most eager to get Lucy into their residence. In Greenland Lucy got her first touch of north and she got inspired of northern nature and Scandinavia.

Fascination of northern nature has had an effect for Lucy´s art. In her work of art, Lucy observes the drastic changes of the seasons and the variations of light. During her stay in Old Vicarage, Lucy will explore the signs of spring, the air getting warmer and the spring light, in her art. The artist will experience the difference and the beauty of the north. She can find the inspiration for her art by observing the nature´s textures, for example: the beautiful pattern of bark.

Lucy welcomes everyone to her studio!

Link to Lucy´s blog:

If you have any questions concerning visits for Lucy´s studio, feel free to contact Anniina Kiiskinen:, 044-4456848.

Lucy Crowders drawing of textures of the northern nature.

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